As some of you already know, Fux Jewellery will have a small change - a new shop.

As everyone goes through changes I thought it would be time to give my little “baby” a new look.
You already saw the new Logo 😊  Now the rest will follow.

I read your feedbacks and messages and involved them in my plans. 
The new shop will offer you over 50 new and unique products, a reward point system, a review option with customer photos and faster delivery times.

I will focus much more on high quality products with organic material, environmental friendly packaging and shipping.

I have worked on this the past months and I am happy to say I am nearly done.

The current situation did not allow an opening before the festivities this is why I  decided to take a bit more time. The final shop opening will be on:

Saturday 2nd January 2021

This way I will have more time to improve everything.

Until then I will show you some of the new designs on Instagram aaaand I will offer you one of the upcoming features earlier as an appetiser.

More about this soon.

Thank you for your time ❤️

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