Ear Weight Info

INFORMATION: Ear Weights, Ear Hangers and Saddle Spreaders
  • Only for healed ear lobes and not for stretching.
  • Don't wear them all the time, take a break and give your skin time to relax. 
  • It always depends on your skin, how long you wear your jewelry and how comfortable it's for your skin. Please listen to your body - everyone is different.

Some products have a minimum size. That means your stretched ear lobes have to be at least this large to wear. You can wear them with all sizes above. For example 8mm ear weights can be worn with a minimum of 8mm ear lobe but can also be worn in larger stretched ear lobes like 20mm.

Saddle Spreaders and Hangers are individual and can vary from design to design. You can wear them like you want wether you prefer a true or a loose dangling fit. 

Some designs have larger edges with an oversize look and some have thin edges with a slim look and a true fit.
Please pay attention to the notes and measurements listed in each description, there you can find all information about the style and fit of the jewelry.

For example:
Design 1: With thin edges, true fit and a slim look, light weight feeling.

Design 2: With large edges, oversize look and is wearable as true fit or loose fit (you can decide between different sizes) it has a medium weight.

They can vary from design to design. Please read the description carefully and check the measurements.

The weight information in the product description is always for one piece.

~ 1 gr. - 18 gr.
Light weight designs are comfortable and great for long-term wear and if you prefer a weightless feeling. Please take care your ear lobes can shrink over time. You can combine them with flesh tunnels or saddle spreaders to keep your size. They are more like ear hangers rather than Ear Weights.

~ 19 gr. - 30 gr.
Comfortable for long-term wear and is not likely to cause stretching on your lobes. 

~ 31 gr. and above
Heavy weight designs are great for everyone who loves a heavy dangling feeling. Please note long-term wear can stretch the bottom part of your ear lobe. You can combine them with flesh tunnels or saddle spreaders to distribute the weight.
You have still some questions? Contact me via E-mail or Chat I am always happy to help you.