Size Info

  • Some products have a minimum size. That means your stretched ear lobes have to be at least this large to wear. You can wear them with all sizes above. For example 8mm ear weights can be worn with a minimum of 8mm ear lobe but can also be worn in larger stretched ear lobes like 20mm.
  • The ear jewellery is only for healed ear lobes and not for stretching.
  • Don't wear heavy ear weights all the time, take a break and give your skin time to relax. 
  • Teardrop plugs and tunnels can slighty vary in there size. Please have a look at the product description.
  • Saddle Spreaders and hangers are individual and can vary from design to design. You can wear them like you want wether you prefer a true or a loose dangling fit in your ear lobe.

You can contact me anytime if you have questions.
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