Material & Jewellery Care Guide

  • Keep away from water, chemicals or other liquids.
  • Take off before sleeping.
  • Remove while doing sports, swimming or bathing and void sweat.
  • Store in a cool and dry space, separately in a box or pouch.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or heat.
  • Clean and polish with a dry and soft cloth or extra polishing cloth.

If you want to keep it in a good condition, clean your jewellery regularly after wearing.


Your jewellery can age and tarnish over time and some of the materials will naturally change the colour. Thats completely normal and a part of the chemical process especially with natural materials like brass or wood.


Wooden jewellery sometimes need oil or it could crack from being too dried out. Use some olive oil, put it on a small piece of soft cloth and gently wipe your jewellery. 

Stone jewellery can be cleaned with a wet cloth.
Organic jewelry may vary slightly from each other in color, structure and size because they are made from natural materials. Every piece is unique.


Brass is a metal alloy made from a combination of zinc and copper.
It will oxidize, change in color and can darken over the time - this is completely normal. Brass jewellery has an antique look, please always allow some imperfections and marks. Avoid moisture conditions and polish regularly to keep it shiny
Sometimes it can turn your skin green, this can happen if your jewelry comes in contact with water or sweat. Don't worry this is just the oxidation of the metal. You can clean it with an old tooth brush and tooth paste. Put a small amount on the soft toothbrush and gently brush your jewelry until the shine has returned. Rinse off and dry thoroughly.

You can also use some fresh lemon juice, simply wipe off the juice with a wet cloth.

Please do not autoclave your jewellery.


Steel is skin safe and a relatively corrosion-resistant when compared to other jewelry metals. It's a great option for those with allergies or skin sensitivities. Steel jewellery has a shiny clean look.